• CEDAS 3.0 Updates

    CEDAS 3.06 Patch 16.2MB (05/10/2005)
    3.06 Official Patch release for all current CEDAS 3.0# users.

    This maintenance release is cumulative and contains updates for:

  • Changes in all 2D Chart graphics
    • This involves all models except those in NEMOS
  • ACES
    • Corrections to Goda Irregular Wave Transformation and Extremal Analysis codes
    • Added help information on Windspeed code
    • Correction to Simplified Inlet Hydraulics & Grain Size
  • EST
    • Addition to permit global export; other corrections made
    • Corrected problems with auto-grid generation of multiple junctions
    • Installation fix
    • Insure Shoretran.DLL is installed
    • Corrections to Concrete Block computation - correction to equation database
    • Corrected treatment of overwash
    • Corrections to global export; new overwash procedure
    • Corrections to WISPH3
    • Corrected interface problems with SPECGEN, WISPH3 now has dynamic dimensioning, and a couple of GENESIS bugs; Added new help files
    • Changes to permit larger dimensions
    • Addition of HELP file defining limitations
    • WWWL correction
    • d50 correction
    • Eelease of GENESIS_T
    • STWAVE correction
    • Corrections to WMV and WSAV
    • Updated control center
  • Maintenance Release 3.02 contained two corrupt files

    NOTE: all corrections were to items that did not influence model results
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